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Kosher taco truck highlights crypto-Jewish history

An El Paso artist hopes to highlight the history of crypto-Jews in the Southwest through a kosher taco truck.

About six years ago, artist Peter Svarzbein started photographing crypto-Jews, Hispanic or Latinos of Jewish descent who had to keep their faith a secret after the Spanish inquisition, and their descendents.

Svarzbein wants to show the stories of those families through his taco truck, which was serving the fusion food at Congregation B’nai Zion and Hope and Anchor over the weekend.

On Monday, the truck was at the Foodville food truck spot in Downtown El Paso, on the corner of Mills and Mesa. Along with serving up tacos, the stories of crypto-Jews are projected on walls….

Just learned about this amazing Texan history art-and-food project about the Crypto-Jews. Sounds delicious and (crap) educational.

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The Lower East Side’s annual Egg Rolls And Egg Cream Festival celebrates Jewish-Chinese roots in the neighborhood. Here is a make your own yarmulke booth for the kids. #nyc #chinese #jewish #festivals (at Eldridge Street Synagogue)

The Lower East Side’s annual Egg Rolls And Egg Cream Festival celebrates Jewish-Chinese roots in the neighborhood. Here is a make your own yarmulke booth for the kids. #nyc #chinese #jewish #festivals (at Eldridge Street Synagogue)

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Abrahamic Rockers: Punk Jews and the Bulletproof Stockings : The New Yorker

I just saw the excellent documentary Punk Jews, about… yup, you guessed it.

Highly recommended. It isn’t perfect—at times it feels like a series of really cool, short biopics rather than a coherent film—but a fun time was had.

If nothing else, you can learn about Hasidic oi!/hardcore bands and Yiddish guerilla street theatre. Apparently they actually are out there.

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The Fourth of July is Coming – Who Cares? | JewishPress

So I think the article linked to above is the finest internet trolling effort in the history of the Jewish people. Yes. It’s that bad/good. Money quote:

Give me a break! Does anyone genuinely believe that celebrating the Fourth of July will strengthen Jewish identity? Yom HaAtzmaut is Independence Day for the Jews, not the 4th of July. Boker tov, my friends, but Israel is our nation, not America. How can you expect to strengthen Jewish identity by having Jewish kids celebrate a gentile country’s Independence Day? Even if you play “Hava Negilla” to remind the kids that they’re Jewish and have them dance a Hora, you are leading them astray, and in many cases, leading them into the arms of a shicksa or shagetz. After all, if they are Americans like everyone else, why not marry an America like everyone else? In America, everyone is equal, Jew and gentile alike. So why not marry a gentile? Why not get married to Sally Jane or Wendy Sue and watch the 4th of July fireworks together? All I can say is, “Thank you, God, for having taken me out of America. Thank you for letting me realize that George Washington isn’t my nations’ founding father, that the Pilgrims aren’t my ancestors, that Plymouth Rock isn’t the Foundation Stone, and that the Boston Tea Party has nothing to do with my past. Thank you, God, for bringing me to the Land of the Jews, where we sing “HaTikva” in Hebrew at national gatherings and not the “Star Spangled Banner.”

But he realizes that Israel is America’s favorite satellite state, right?

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The Halachic Condom – The Sisterhood –

This is the most interesting article on infertility, artifical insemination, and ultra-Orthodox Jews that you’ll ever read. Money quote:

For secular couples, obtaining a sperm sample for artificial insemination is as easy as, well, you know what. But ultra-Orthodox men aren’t allowed to masturbate. Instead, the man dons a non-spermicidal condom when he has sex with his wife, and then brings the sample to the fertility clinic. When the woman reaches peak fertility, the doctor inseminates her with her husband’s sperm. Some couples poke a hole in the condom before they have sex, a symbolic act that the sperm is not actually going to waste.

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