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Dear New People At The Gym,

It’s goddamn great that you’re going to the gym. Me and all the other regulars are happy you’re there. That said, you should never be afraid to ask people at the gym:

a) How do I use this machine?

b) What does this do?

c) How do you do (x/y/z)?

Here’s the thing… we see you using cardio machines, weight machines or free weights in dangerous or badly-considered ways. We see you doing stuff that could hurt yourselves really badly. Even worse, we see you doing stuff that could physically hurt *us*.

And, dudes and dudettes, that’s not good.

  1. iambal said: And they should never wear crocs to the gym. Srsly.
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    and please, invest on good workout clothes. Don’t wear your K-Swiss shoes and jeans to run on the treadmill.
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